Lavender | White Tea

Lavender | White Tea


A perfectly soothing blend of lavender and white tea, finished with a touch of ginger.

Our scented candles are the ideal way to add elegance and fragrance to your space. Add a candle to…

  • Your coffee table to create a relaxing and cozy space
  • Entry table to create a fragrant and welcoming atmosphere
  • Bathroom vanity for a fresh and clean scent—and a spa-like feel

Styling: Pair it with other decorative accents like books, flowers or accessories to add dimension and depth.


  • Hand Poured
  • All-Natural, Environmentally Friendly Soy Wax
  • All Fragrance is Phthalate and Paraben Free
  • 100% Cotton Wick
  • Approximately 70 Hours of Burn Time

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